STEP 1: Click List Your Home Now to sign up and complete the new listing questionnaire form and pay for the listing package.

STEP 2: You will receive an email to sign the Consumer Guide to Agency form and Listing Contract electronically.  You will also be prompted to complete the MLS input form ONLINE.  This is information about your home that will go into the MLS.   You will be emailed a link to complete the sellers disclosure online.  If your home was built before 1978 you will also have to complete a lead based paint disclosure form.    

STEP 3:  Upload photos of your home from this website.

You will be assigned a Mink Realty licensed real estate agent.  Your assigned agent will be your point of contact during you entire listing and selling process.

Once we have received your photos, payment and all signed contracts and listing forms, your home will be listed on the MLS within 48 hours. All contracts and photos must be submitted by noon on Friday.  If we don't receive by noon, your listing will not go live on the MLS till the following Monday. We will email you a copy of the MLS listing for verification.  Just let us know if there are any changes that you would like us to make.  If there are no changes required, please respond to that email that you APPROVE.

That's It!

You will start receiving emails from us periodically that has important information.  Please make sure you read them to keep up to date and respond if you have any comments or questions.

Agents that have buyers that want to see your home will schedule showing through Showing Time Showing Service.  Showing Time with then contact Seller by voice message, text or email to schedule all showing appointments, eliminating the worry of missing phone calls from an agent.  The seller will then confirm or reject the showing appointment.  No showing will be completed without the sellers approval first.  Buyers that do not have an agent that search for homes on the internet will contact Mink Realty to schedule a showing.  Mink Realty forward those calls to you and you will make arrangements to show that buyer your own home.  

This option will provide you with valuable feedback from each showing.  Once your home has been shown, a survey is emailed to that agent.  The agent then completes the survey and the results are emailed back to the seller and Mink Realty.

Offers made on Seller's property will come directly to Mink Realty, at which time the Seller will be immediately notified and the offer forwarded by email.  If e-mail is not an option for you, we will make other arrangements for a small fee.  Once the offer is received, Seller will either accept, reject or make counter offer, and return to Mink Realty who will forward on to the Buyer's agent.  All related correspondence during the offer/counter-offer phase must go through Mink Realty.  If a buyer that does not have an agent wants to write an offer on your home after the sellers showed the buyer their home, the seller should contact Mink Realty.  We will write up the offer and assist both buyer and seller to get from contract to closing.  This is DUAL agency.
All negotiations will be conducted via email and phone.   
It is the sellers responsibility to hold an open house if they choose to have one.  The seller must complete the Open House request form on this website that include the dates and times.  Please allow 3 days to input an open house to the MLS.  It may be a good idea to advertise your open house in the Sunday newspaper.   If the sellers does run an Open House Ad, Mink Realty's name MUST appear in the ad along with YOUR phone number.  
A home inspection is usually ordered by the Buyer within 14 days after an offer has been accepted .  Once complete, taking into consideration the inspection findings, the Buyer's Agent will send Mink Realty a "Repair Request" of items the Buyer requests to have repaired prior to closing, which will be forwarded to Seller for response.   At that point the seller can either agree to make repairs or counter with what they agree to repair, if anything.   Keep in mind, this all a part of the negotiations.  The Buyer can "walk away" from a contract if they choose to do so up until both parties have agreed to the repair request list.  Once that agreement has been signed by both parties, neither the Buyer nor the Seller can legally back out of the contract.
The closing usually takes place anywhere from 30-60 days from the contract date.  
Have questions????? click here and email me at or call us at 502-727-1746.

Donna Mink
Donna Mink