Seller Closing Costs
Here is a list of some Seller Paid Closing Costs that the seller is always required to pay at closing.  These fees are charged by the title company (NOT Mink Realty) that handles the closing.  The fees will show up on the closing statement.  These charges are only an approximate costs depending on what Title Company or closing attorney is used for the closing.  The title company is chosen by the BUYER not the SELLER.
$1000 fee to Mink Realty
Commission paid to the selling agent (2 1/2% - 3% of sales price)
$125-$225 settlement/closing fee (also known as title fee)
$150 -  Doc Preparation
$30 - Loan pay off
.001 % transfer Tax  example:sales price $100,000 tax is $100.00
Prorated taxes (from beginning of the year to closing)
Home Warranty fee (if you agreed to pay this on sales contract)

Donna Mink
Donna Mink