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Welcome to Mink Realty.  At last.....a smarter way to sell your home!  Our ONLINE Listing Service can save you thousands in commissions.  Now you have a choice.  Mink Realty's goal is to give the computer and internet savvy seller a way to sell their home without paying high real estate commissions if using a traditional real estate agent.   The seller assists Mink Realty in getting their home listed on the MLS by filling out the listing forms ONLINE.   Just follow the instructions on our website and it will walk you through the entire listing process.  A Mink Realty listing agent will be assigned to you and will be your point of contact during the entire process.   Mink Realty will assist the seller with offers,  negotiations of counter offers, home inspections, and repair requests.  We also coordinate the closing with the lender, title company and buyers agent to ensure a smooth and successful transaction.  Sellers are responsible for holding all open houses, however Mink Realty will advertise the open house on the MLS for free.

There are 2 listing packages to choose from (see below). The seller completes the listing paperwork online.  Once we have received all the signed listing forms, your home will be listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) within 48 hours.  Your home will also be listed on Realtor.com, Homes.com, Trulia, Zillow, Remax, and all the other national real estate websites.  .

There are MAJOR differences between Flat Fee Real Estate companies when it comes to the service that is provided.  Some simply list your home on the MLS and you never hear from them again.  Getting your home listed is only a small part of what it takes to get your home SOLD.  It takes dedication, responsiveness, attention to detail, excellent organization, communication and negotiating skills.    We have developed a very systematic process for getting your home listed online as well as getting you to the closing table successfully.  We  list and sell home in both Kentucky and Indiana.  Our office is located in Middletown KY.  Mink Realty does as much and sometimes more than most traditional agents do that charge 6%.   We provide tools like showing and feedback APPS, electronic signature programs, and automated selling tip emails to help educate the seller to ensure a smooth and successful transaction. 

One of the most common questions we receive is, "How do you do all of this for the small fees that you charge?"  The answer is simple.   We deal in volume.  We sell a lot of homes.  In 2016 we SOLD 45 homes.   We develop great relationships with our sellers and sometimes they use Mink Realty to help them purchase their next home in which we make a 3% commission.  Of course this does not happen on every listing.  Some sellers come to Mink Realty after they have already purchased another home.  Some sellers are moving out of the state or just have other plans.  There is no obligation to use Mink Realty in the purchase of their next home but if they do we will give the buyer back 10% of our commission on sales over $150,000.  So, that is how we can do what we do and still save both the buyer & seller a LOT of money.

Mink Realty has an excellent reputation in the real estate community.  We SELL home and not just LIST them.  There is a lot involved in selling a home after it is listed on the MLS.  Once the showings start and the offers start coming in, there is a lot more work that has to be done.  Most sellers don't think about that.   Once your home is sold I feel strongly that you will feel what we charge is well worth it.  Especially with the money that Mink Realty saved you. 

For details on how the commission works click here 

Listing Package I

 Up Front Listing fee of $350 plus options  and $1000 at closing to Mink Realty
  •  12 month listing (you may cancel at anytime)
  •  Up to 35 color photos on MLS (supplied by owner)
  •  Mink Realty "For Sale" yard sign (you must pick up or pay $25 delivery fee)
  •  Install rented SUPRA electronic lock box or combo box (if ordered)
  •  Provide a Showing Service "APP" for scheduling showing on your home 
  •  Advertise your open house on MLS
  •  Offer and counter offer negotiation assistance
  •  Weekly MLS activity report
  •  Assist with Home Inspection and repair requests
  •  Coordinate closing with title company, loan officer and buyers agent
  •  Electronic Signatures
  •  Review closing statement prior to closing
  •  Ongoing phone/email support

Seller to pay Mink Realty $1000 at closing plus a commission to the selling agent.   If no other agent is involved, Mink Realty will perform duties of both seller and buyers agent and receive and additional 1% commission as long as the seller shows their own home.  A lock box rental must also be purchased or provided by seller.  

Listing Package  2

NO Up-Front Listing Fee - 1% commission at closing to Mink Realty (minimum of $2,000 closing fee)
  • 12 month listing ( $300 cancel fee)
  • Up to 35 color photos on MLS (supplied by owner)
  • Mink Realty "For Sale" yard sign (you must pick up or pay $25 delivery fee)
  • Provide a combo lock box (you can upgrade to a SUPRA electronic lock box for $75)
  • Provide a Showing Service "APP" for scheduling showing on your home
  • Provide a feedback service ( a survey is emailed to the showing agent) 
  • Advertise your open house on MLS
  • Offer and counter offer negotiation assistance 
  • Weekly MLS activity report
  • Assist with Home Inspection and repair requests
  • Coordinate closing with title company, loan officer and buyers agent
  • Review closing statement prior to closing
  • Attend closing with you
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Ongoing phone/email support

Seller to pay Mink Realty 1% commission at closing plus a commission to the buyers agent.   If no other agent is involved, Mink Realty will perform duties for both seller and buyers agent and receive a 2% commission as long as the seller shows their own home. 

Home Builder/New Construction Listing Pkg

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Other Listing add-on OPTIONS

In Home Consultation / Listing Assistance: $150.00

In home consultation to discuss how the listing service works and provide assistance in completing the listing forms/contracts and MLS Input Sheet.  (This option can be purchased as long as seller is within 30 miles of 40245.)  We will write the REMARKS paragraph description of your home for the MLS.

Mink Realty takes your photos: $100.00


Having good photos of your home on the MLS is critical. Mink Realty will come take photos of your home both inside and out that will be used for the MLS listing.

Electronic Lock box Rental : $75.00    MOST POPULAR

A GE Supra lock box security system the most advanced key safe system available. Only Real Estate agents, appraisers, and home inspectors can access the Supra lock box via an electronic key. Once an agent opens the lock box to gain access to your key, an email is sent to the seller and Mink Realty to inform us that the box has been opened. Mink Realty is notified of the Agent's ID as well as their contact information. This takes the guesswork out of knowing whether or not your home has been shown.


Combination Lock Box Rental $30.00

A combination lock box may be rented for a fee of $30.00 if you choose not to use the SUPRA lock box. It will be delivered along with the yard sign. If you decide to purchase your own combination lock box, you must provide us with the code so other agents can gain access to your home.



Estate Size For Sale Yard Sign: $75.00

The $75.00 fee also includes delivery and installation of this very large sign.  The Estate size for sale sign is 5' tall and the sign is a 24x24.  This will help your home stand out.

Home Feedback Service: $30.00   POPULAR

Home feedback is a valuable service providing feedback from showings on your home. Once an agent shows your property, a survey is emailed to them. The showing agent response is e-mailed to both the Seller and Mink Realty. Valuable information can be obtained as to the buyer's opinion about the listing price, location, curb appeal, and over-all condition of your home. It will also give you a good idea if the buyer is considering making an offer.


Text For Home INFO Service: $30.00

When a buyer drives bye your home and sees the yard sign and wonders what the price is of your home, they can simply text the message to the number above and all your home information along with photos will come back to the buyers phone within seconds.  This is a great new marketing tool that give the buyers exactly what they want.  Instant information!
You can text the system to see how it works now:
This is a sign rider that says "TEXT for INFO"   Msg:MINK11   To: 26971


Printable Flyer : $25.00

A home flyer is created is a PDF format describing your home's features.  The flyer can be printed and placed in the home, in a yard box, or e-mailed to all your friends and family. The more exposure your home has the better chance for a sale.  Flyers in yard boxes provide more information to buyers who are driving by and gives them something to take away with them to help remember your property. Any price changes will also be made to flyer.

Yard Brochure Box: $25.00

A Yard Brochure box with stake may be rented for a fee of $20.00. Printed Flyers can be placed in this box for buyers to take as they drive by your home. As the printed flyers run out, you can print more and place them in the box.


Directional For Sale Yard sign: 2 signs for $20.00


Drive more traffic to your home by ordering and installing a directional For Sale sign at the end of your street.  Must be ordered when signing up and will be delivered with yard sign and lock box OR you can order anytime and pick at our office.

Home Warranty Setup: $30.00   POPULAR

Today most offers you will receive will ask for the seller to pay for a 1 year Home Warranty. It's a good marketing tool to advertise in the MLS remarks the seller is providing a 1 year home warranty. The most important thing to know is if you order the home warranty when you list your home, your home will be covered while your home is listed.   A home warranty covers major systems and appliances in your home that malfunction or break due to normal wear and tear. A home warranty protects you from costly repairs to most of your systems, including:

  •     Air conditioning and heating units
  •     Plumbing
  •     Electrical wiring
  •     Refrigerator
  •     Oven
  •     Dishwasher
  •     Garage door opener

Click here to review what the home warranty covers, and the specifics. The cost of the BUYERS home warranty is $475.00 and is paid for at closing. There is a $100.00 deductible for each claim.

Open House sign: $15.00

Open house directional sign includes a stake.

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